Here are some quick links to some of the Paleo/Bulletproof recipes that I use. Many have been amazing Pinterest finds, or tweaked from the bulletproof exec. cookbook. All are kid friendly… my three year old approves! Although if I let her she would eat straight butter as a snack when helping me make meals…and not many of us can do that! On that note, it is interesting that the natural instinct for children is to consume lots of fat…be it avocados or butter…which are her two favourite! Maybe we need to listen and watch our little ones a bit more and stop thinking we have all the answers. She goes barefoot, eats mostly fat and meat, loves veggies and couldn’t be happier!

Breakfast (traditional…not just protein and veg)


Usually leftovers or flank steak wraps, taco salad….nothing that cannot be portable




  • coconut cookies
  • Banana chocolate chip cookies
  • avocado popsicles
  • apricot bars
  • raw vegan chocolate nut bars
  • ice cream
  • naniamo bars (GF, DF, grain free, raw, vegan, … Yummy!)

Home Remedies

  • elderberry syrup
  • butter buttons for deeper sleep
  • Importance of gelatin and some fun gummy recipes

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