Going “bulletproof” is a term coined by Dave Aspery at the bulletproof executive. The research behind this diet and lifestyle is exhausting and I have only begun to skim the surface. He is the co-author of an amazing book called The Better Baby Book. This lifestyle has changed my life for the better and I would love to spread the knowledge!

The basics are this…the more healthy fat, meat (especially from grass fed cows, pastured pigs and chickens), and low toxin veggies…the better. The less gluten, dairy, refined products and sugar…the better. The idea of becoming bulletproof is all about reducing toxins that we put in and on our bodies. It also goes through ways to hack your body to get better results from your sleep, your workouts as well as your weight loss/gain goals.

One of the most interesting concepts is butter coffee. At first I thought it was crazy but I do love butter so why not try it once?! I bought the best beans our city has to offer (low toxin and mold) and whipped up a cup of coffee with butter and coconut oil…at first, it was odd. But, it was very ‘creamy’ and it tasted of coconut oil which I love. So, the next day, I was able to to make it with MCT oil. Basically, concentrated coconut oil. More of the good stuff none of the taste of coconut. It was amazing. Great coffee flavour, creamy, and it kept me going almost till lunch. It was not all that easy though. Introducing all that good fat into your diet as your breakfast can cause your body to question “why no carbs this am?!” resulting in a very tossy, turny tummy. Here is my post of Butter Coffee in case you missed it and here is the original post on the bulletproofexec site.

After some research that day, I discovered Betaine HCL. It helps the body break down fats while the body adjusts to the higher intake. I took one with my “breakfast” for a week and a half. I found it took my body that long to relearn to operate and burn stored fat instead of sugar. Anyways…long story short, I love the way it makes me feel in the morning, I love the taste, I love the energy it gives me, I love how easy and inexpensive it is as breakfast, I love not snacking…I do not love the mess I have to clean up after making my own and my husbands in the morning. This problem would be solved if only we could afford a good blender like Blendtec instead of a silly little magic bullet! Oh well…one day!

All I can say is, please look into this way of life and thinking. The Bulletproof Executive site has so much information it is overwhelming. It took me a long time to learn how to navigate through the site and find what I was looking for. It isn’t the most user friendly site on first glance but when you get to know it, it is amazing. There are podcasts to listen to (highly recommend Joe Rogan/Dave Aspery) for a good introduction to the information that is presented in the site. Start with that podcast and go from there!

Here is a before and after kitchen mess! What you cannot see in the photo is the clear film of MCT oil that covers everything and the drops of spilled coffee and hot chocolate that I made for my daughter.




19 thoughts on “Bulletproof

  1. Thx for the info. I started Day 1 of bulletproof IF and so far feeling great. I did add the betaine hcl and was wondering how did you know your body has begun to adjust to extra fat you were consuming?

    Thank You, :0)

  2. Awesome! thx… I’ll check back with you in a week :0) Do you have any idea when I should see changes in my weight?

    • Depends on a lot of things. Guys see weight change generally faster and the more you have to lose the faster you will probably see a drop. As a girl, I lost 10 lbs fast…about 3 months then another 10 in the next 8 months and for the life of me I cannot get down my last 10. It also depends on your exercise schedule…I don’t have one but am very avtive during the day. Most bulletproofers do high intensity interval training or crossfit and I’m going to start that back up 2 times a week. Bodyrocktv is the best free HIIT there is out there and it’s free.

  3. Thank you for the feed back. I started crossfit last week.. OMG its intense!! since Im doing the fast I drink my coffee after my workout which keeps me full until 2pm when I break my fast with a coffee and isolate protein. I found this helps my tummy get ready for my first meal at 3pm. so far doing good with that. HCL really helps too.

    Let me know if crossfit helps you get rid of those 10 lbs. That is my problem right now 10 lbs of fat. :/

  4. I’ve been doing BP for over a month now. No weight loss. Maybe even put on a few pounds. So frustrating! All cravings are gone though. Any tips??

    • Well every woman is different. BP women is not as set in stone. Eat from green as much as possible, two carb load days unless adrenal fatigue, do coffee in am(unless trying to get pregnant). Some women need to find the right amount fats and proteins so play with the amount. Women may not get the whole “eat as much as you want on this diet” as we would like. Our bodies are meant to carry a bit more weight but be healthy. Keep active with HIIT twice a week and make sure to do a protein fast day at least once a week.

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