Natural Vapo Rub

This year, my family has been hit with a bad case of congestion. Coughs and stuffy noses all around. We were lucky that we try and keep healthy by eating good, taking our vitamins and probiotics and getting to our chiropractor (who is amazing!). I had a small leftover container of baby vapo rub from a while ago that someone had bought be as a baby gift, and used it up the first night on my daughter. After that, I was on my own. Since I easily make my own body butter, I figured it would be easy to make a vapo rub version, and it was. For this one, I didn’t use my food processor because I didn’t want essential oils in it(especially eucalyptus)

Natural Vapo Rub

enough coconut oil to fill a small jelly sized mason jar
mason jar – jelly sized
4 drops eucalyptus essential oil
1 drop tea tree essential oil
*OPT lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil

In a bowl mix coconut oil and oils with a metal spoon. I use the back of the spoon to smash everything together until it was soft and smooshy. Put it in your jar and label with the date. I am not sure how long it would last but we went through the jar in two months so it wasn’t an issue.

I didn’t want to make this too strong because it was for my 4 year old, so if you are making it for an adult, you could probably add a bit more, but you also don’t want it too overpowering.

Please note that since I was slathering it on her, I made sure she was in old pj’s we didn’t care got oily. I know there are versions that use shea butter and beeswax but I didn’t have either of those so I improvised. Those versions may be less oily.


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