Natural room disinfectant spray

Since I run a dayhome and I am fairly crunchy…I do not like exposing children to more than their little bodies can handle. They get enough toxic exposure as it is. I also hate germs. My family is lucky, we are rarely hit with major illness but when they hit, they hit hard. The other kids however come with many germs, bugs and lingering flu illnesses. I used to use the lysol room spray…a lot! But I didn’t want them to breathe it in (I didn’t want to either!) so I needed to find an alternative. I have used essential oils since I was a teenager so I know how powerful they can be. Lately I have heard a lot about thieves oil blends so I wanted to see what the hoopla was all about. After a lot of research, I found that it can be a few different takes on essential oil blends. The blends are made to reduce illness, mold, infections, kill germs…etc. All good things. So, since I don’t have time to get to my local health food store during the week, I used what I had on hand and made up my own version on a room disinfectant spray.

Natural Room Disinfectant Spray

  • very good quality spray bottle with misting nozzle
  • distilled water
  • essentials oils (see blend options below)

I used a large spray bottle since I use this stuff a few times a day when flu and cold season is here(ie, stressful times of the year). I added about 3 cups of water to approx 100-150 drops of oil (total). My first batch was with only rosemary. My second batch was with rosemary and eucalyptus. Just remember to really give it a shake before using!

Essential Oil Options

  1. Rosemary alone
  2. Rosemary and eucalyptus about 50/50
  3. Rosemary, eucalyptus and lemon oil 30/30/40
  4. Thieves blend (you can make your own or use pre-bought ones) **NOTE** I have not used this and I do know that if it contains clove bud oil, that it can actually dissolve plastic and eventually glass…so if you are going to use this, make sure bottle is glass and make small amounts to be used up faster) You can also get room essential oil disperses which may be a better option

The latin names for the oils are lemon (Citrus limon), eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiata), rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis).



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