Coconut oil body butter…that stays soft!

Whipped coconut oil. Sounds good enough to eat, and you could if you really wanted to!

I live in Alberta, Canada where the winters can get very dry and cold. I need a good lotion to combat this so my skin doesn’t feel like I want to rip it off. Since I already buy coconut oil in copious amounts, I have always used it for my families skin care. What I do not like about it is when it gets super hard in the cold main floor bathroom when it is -35! So, I read on Chagrin Valley’s page about their whipped body butter and body balms and I wanted to try them but couldn’t afford the shipping. So, I made my own more simple version with what I had on hand.

Body Butter/Whipped coconut oil

coconut oil
*OPT essential oils

I use the wide, short mason jars to store this but you can use whatever leftover jars you want(old body shop body butter ones work great). Use a bit less coconut oil then the containers can handle.
Put the coconut oil and essential oils(only a few drops) in to your food processor and pulse until is softens a bit. Then let er’ rip. Keep blending until it is fluffy.
Scoop whipped oil into containers.

For some reason it doesn’t get solid…usually. I did bring mine into the shower with me once because I like to soak and seal(put lotion on while damp then pat dry), and it melted a bit with the steam and was a bit more solid again. So…keep away from registers or heat sorces to keep fluffy.


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