Foaming Hand Soap

So. I love smells! I love Bath and Body Works soaps…problem is they all contain triclosan. Now, triclosan is a sneaky ingredient in almost all health and beauty supplies and it is suspected to interfere with hormones and harmful to fish and wildlife (yet we wash it down the drain every day not to mention applying it to our body!). Now…I do not want to take that chance so I make my own … maybe not as amazing smelling but they do their job. For many, many less pennies!

Foaming Hand Soap

old foaming hand soap bottles
dr. bronners liquid soap (any kind)
*OPT tea tree essential oil – to make antibacterial/viral soap

I literally once a month, go around the house and fill each bottle with about 2-3 TBSP of liquid soap, 4 drops of tea tree oil and then fill with tap water.
I shake it up really good and that is it.


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