Shampoo bars

So, it’s been a long while since I have posted anything and I feel like an update is needed in my shampoo or no-poo quest. I live in a city with very, very hard water and of course we cannot afford a water softener. Now, we have bought shower head filter and it should be noted that we do not have fluoride in our water, thank god! The shower filters have really helped but for those of us with hard water, making your shampoo system work isn’t easy. Especially us girls who have finicky longer hair.

Ok…so I’ll recap. For the last year or so I’ve experimented with baking soda wash and vinegar rinse, more natural actual shampoos(like dessert essence), edible shampoo solutions(egg washes, avocado, banana, oatmeal …etc), not washing with anything but a washcloth and water, washing with honey and herb water….the list really could go on! My poor hubby…he has put up with a lot and probably thinks I’m mildly crazy.

At one point I must have affected the betters half’s subconscious (or he was tired if me experimenting and smelling like vinegar!)because he stumbled onto a YouTube link that a girl was reviewing shampoo bars from chagrin valley. He made me watch it and I was intrigued. I researched their company, products and methods and was impressed with what I saw. Then I looked into the cost of shipping to Canada…yikes! I figured it was with it if I bought enough so I ordered about 10 sample bars and 3 big ones.

Once they arrived I was eager to try them! At first even my hair took some time to adapt to the bars. It seemed to leave a film on my hair. After traveling with the bars all over I’ve come to the conclusion that it is mostly our water. It’s terribly minerally and drying. The other factor is hormones. My husband doesn’t seem to notice as much as me because his hair is so short. Although what he has noticed is that his thinking hair isn’t thinning and is much darker now. It also is more manageable. He is using a bar recommended for those with hair loss to stimulate the scalp. I have tried many of the bars. I will lay out my evaluations on my own hair at the end. However, on my three year old, who does not have the hormones that I do, and every bar makes her hair look beautiful and shiny and soft. She also can get away with only washing one day a week. Me, I need at least two. If I were not working at home I’d probably have to add another wash in there to adhere to conventional “beauty” standards…day 4 hairs gets a bit unruly! I have gone 4-6 days when traveling to a place with soft water. Im always sad when I get home and go back to my hard water.

So…long rambling post, I know…here are my conclusions.

**post not complete** … I will update…I promise! Problem is, when washing your hair only two times a week….its hard to get all the results.


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