Does your brain need a break?

What to do when your brain needs a break? People turn to many different solutions but those of us who live and frequent our green spaces have lower cortisol levels in our body. What does that mean…we are happier and healthier. Cortisol functions to increase blood sugar,  suppress the immune system. It also decreases bone formation. It basically is a stress hormone. Small increases of cortisol can have some positive effects, especially during our bodies ‘flight or fight’ response. It can give us a quick burst of energy for survival reasons, heightened memory functions, a burst of increased immunity, and lower sensitivity to pain.

With our current high-stress lifestyle and culture, our bodies are not able to return to normal. This results in a chronic state of stress and high cortisol levels. When high levels of cortisol are left in the bloodstream we begin to see more negative effects in our bodies. Things like impaired cognitive performance, suppressed thyroid function, blood sugar imbalances, decrease in muscle tissue, lower immunity and inflammatory responses in our body and increase in abdominal fat. All of this is not good.

Here are some great articles to read and resources if you want to better control your relaxation state.

Easing BrainFatigue With A Walk In The Park

Six ways to hack your nervous system to consciously manage stress

Awesome new HeartMath device for iPhone/iPad


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