Building our immune systems

Today we had a beautiful morning outside, and I felt the need to post about how important it is to build our own and our children’s immune systems. Today, I find most of us are afraid of being cold. Have you ever noticed that children are almost never cold…I think three year olds are continuously way too warm for their own good! Most kids throw a fit when we try and over dress them because they do not feel the cold as we do. They are in constant motion and their bodies are warm because of it. Today was a perfect day to help with cold conditioning. This morning at about 9:30am it was zero degrees Celsius but beautiful and sunny. After playing outside in a dress, sweatshirt and pants with runners for half hour, I went outside to discover the sunshine with my daughter. I popped out in my 3/4 length leggings and t-shirt with bare feet. On the deck where there was no ice, I was not even a bit chilly. I decided to take the opportunity to get our bodies moving with her and her little friends and put some music on. As soon as they saw me and what I was wearing…they all joined in bare feet and all. My daughter ended up in just her t-shirt dress no legging by the end because she was too hot!. We all had fun, conditioned our bodies, increased our metabolism and immune system and got some very needed vitamin D! We may not be ready to go as far as doing ice baths or dumping buckets of water on our heads like in the article attached, but it is a step in the right direction.

Here is the amazing school that helps increase young children’s immune systems!


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