No shampoo update

Ok…wednesday i dis the egg wash, then with beautiful hair i slathered it in coconut oil to combat dryness and test distilled water with BS. Thursdays BS wash and white vinegar rinse took care of all the coconut oil and left y hair great. Then yesterday, friday, my hair seemed to be getting greasy way too fast. By the afternoon it was a mess. I wonder if the egg shampoo actually works more like real shampoo in that is does a great job capture all the natural scalp oil? Don’t know…need to research that more. It didn’t help that I had two children playing hairdresser for half an hour! So this morning I considered doing another egg wash or a BS wash but then I knew that it I could hold out and just water wash my oils may regulate sooner…so tricky with our hard water. I also remember reading somewhere that one gal just rinsed with vinegar instead of washing…I figured I had 1/4c of my diluted vinegar from Thursday, I’ll give it a go. I have my hair a good scrub with my fingers the poured on the vinegar. I combed it through a few times then rinsed with as cold of water as I could stand. After drying my hair was not as bad but the front was still a bit greasy…more than I wanted to go out with for coffee and errands with others. So I sprinkled a bit of cornstarch at the roots near the front to try to combat the oil and I combed it out as best I could…I had to use my fingertips so my roots were not white! But in the end my hair looked and felt allow normal. Yeah! I will push this as far as I can before “washing” to try and just let my hair sort itself out. I hate my hair looking awful when I go out so we will see how long I go this time. I’m hoping each time gets better and better!


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