Vitamins in the morning, vitamins at night

I believe that if we can make our bodies function better using supplements and vitamins, why not. I am not about to take something that will harm my body but just because I have a very paleo/primal type diet and lifestyle, doesn’t mean vitamins are not necessary. Today, so much of our food lacks the nutrients the same food had 50 years ago. This is because our air, water and soil quality have all changed. We need to be adding chemicals to make things grow, chemicals to stop things from attacking our crops, chemicals to clean our crops….etc. etc. A lot of our agricultural practices are not environmentally friendly(organic can be just as bad in some cases) and most do not set up a self sustaining practice that allows crops to be naturally fertilized and a natural crop rotation. This is in part due to the demand for food. HOWEVER…if more people supported and demanded hight quality food(grass fed cattle, dairy, pastured pork and true free range chicken) we would see more of our land used to create these products. Sure, they’ll be more expensive but we only live once and should we be putting a price on our health? I hate paying what I do for my meat but at the same time, I think of it as a vitamin, supplement  and basic nourishment. I think of it as something that will help keep me alive and healthy to watch my daughter grow up. When I am really craving something terrible, I just think…this could contribute to my health…good or bad, and make my decision from there. By no means am I perfect. I ‘cheat’ on my diet but I always feel terrible (physically) after but not mentally. I mentally go into eating things with the thought, ‘I shouldn’t eat this but I know how I will feel…sometimes you just have to do it.’ I have only been eating ‘bulletproof’ for 4 ½ months so there may come a time when the urge to cheat has become non existent…but for now, I am doing better than I was before, and eating better than 90% of those I know.

Ok…wow…so back to vitamins! Since our lifestyles are so fast paced most of us do not take the time to eat proper, sleep well, exercise enough or get outdoors. The last one is especially true here in the chilly winters of Alberta, Canada. Although I do think it is important to get outside everyday even when temps (with wind chill) are above -20Celcius. So we supplement.

We have always taken vitamin D and C. However not in the amounts we do now. When we first started on this way of life, we did the basic, budget vitamins to see how we felt. Then we moved on to trying these basic vitamins to see how we would feel. Since there are two adults and a child(modified vitamin routine) it can get pretty pricey, so we are giving this a shot for three months and will adjust from there.

We started buying our vitamins on iHerb and saved over $200 for three months of vitamins! If you need a good source of high quality vitamins, check them out. Here is a code for $10 off your first purchase FHS882. I was also surprised that shipping was affordable and when my order arrived, it was missing one part of a product and they let me keep it and refunded me the full price.

Budget vitamin routine:

  • D3
  • magnesium
  • iodine
  • selenium

Basic vitamin routine

  • D3
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Iodine
  • Selenium
  • Krill oil
  • K2
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Copper (not every week as we eat liver)
  • B12 Folate/folinic acid(different than folic acid)
  • Hubby takes Alpha Brain and loves it.

And here is why I take them all…Sorry about the overload of info! Most of my information has come from bulletproofexec blog, podcasts and forum and the vitamin D council. Please note that this is just what my husband and I take based on our own body and research…neither of us are doctors but we did base this on research, science and how our bodies feel.

Vitamin D
Primary function: maintaining calcium/phosphorous levels, mineralization of bone, massive role in immune system.
Why: almost everyone is deficient.
Form: D3.
Dose: 1000 IU per 25lb of body weight. If taking more than 5000 IU you should get checked by doc for levels.

Magnesium (take with Potassium for better absorption)
Role: essential dietary minetal, heart, brain, neuronal health. Participates pretty much everywhere.
Why: second most deficient after Vit D.
Forms: Citrate, malate, glycinate, threonate, or orotate.
Dose: 600-800 (elemental) mg/day before bedtime.
Vitamin K2 (take with D)
Primary role: maintain bone mineralization.
Why: you didn’t eat your butter and grass fed meat when you were small. Hard to get from food in good doses.
Dose: 2000mcg/d total with 100mcg from MK-7.

Vitamin C
Role: antioxidant, co-enzyme for collagen, and lots of other functions.
Why: widely used antioxidant, needs a constant supply.
Dose: 1-2g/day, make sure to vary does and times taken, skip days.
Forms: Ascorbic acid crystals, or time release formulas.

Potassium (take with magnesium)
Role: electrolyte, proper nerve signaling, heart & muscle functioning.
Why: magnesium is absorbed better with it. Same with potassium. Synergistic.
Form: citrate.
Dosage: 200-400mg

Iodine (don’t take without selenium)
Role: necessary for thyroid hormones.
Why: common deficiency, unless you eat seaweed and sea fish regularly.
Forms: Kelp Powder or Potassium Iodide capsules.
Dose: 1mg/day, anytime.

Vitamin A
Role: vision, new cell formation, gene transcription, skin.
Why: essential to supplement if you don’t eat organ meats (you should). Plants have beta-carotene, it is converted poorly in humans.
Dose: 10-15kIU/day, anytime.
Form: retinol (palmitate).

Selenium (don’t take without iodine)
Role: to reduces damage of oxidation and toxins, helps other antioxidants.
Why: soil sources inconsistent, must take if taking iodine.
Form: Se Methyl Selenocysteine or Selenomethionine
Dose: 200mcg, anytime. Don’t OD.

Copper *do not take if you eat liver regularly
Role: part of various enzymes, necessary for collagen, melanin (skin/hair quality).
Why: you are not eating liver (you should), zinc balance issue.
Dose: 1mg/day. Don’t take if you eat liver regularly.

DHA/EPA (Omega 3) – Krill/fish oil
Role: essential fatty acid, brain function, cell membranes.
Why: you eat too much n-6 with a wrong balance.
Dose: 1g/day of krill oil.

B12 + Folinic Acid (B9)
Roles: B12 – necessary for DNA functions, red blood cell and neurotransmitter production, works with folinic acid.
Why: B12 – common deficiency, needs folinic acid to be safe and absorbed/used well.
Dose: 2mg B12 as (Methylcobalamin or Hydroxycobalamin).
Dose: 800mcg B9 folinic acid (5-MTHF) – NOT FOLIC ACID.


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