Egg Shampoo…update on ‘no poo’

Every time I write or see ‘no poo’…I hate the term a little more! It just annoys me that a whole movement could be called this. Whatever!

So today marks 3 1/2 weeks of not using traditional shampoo. See other post of more information. On the weekend I went and bought a boar bristle brush because I read that it helps some of us even out the oils. I have been finding the my scalp and roots are oily, waxing but the ends are dry. I have adjusted the baking soda, vinegar and still not much change. Still night and day better then when using real shampoo. So I set out to see what I could try.

First I tried the brushing. My hair felt amazing and it did help my ends but not the scalp and roots. So more reading. I stumbled onto some posts about hard water and how it is much more difficult to get it right. AHHH…no wonder I was having issues. Our water is super hard, especially in winter. There are many things I could try. First, I bought a chlorine and particle shower filter(wanted to do this anyways). Then for my next shower I tried using a 1/4 t of citric acid instead of vinegar as my rinse as it breaks up mineral deposits better. My hair was a bit better but not awesome.

Today I read here about an egg shampoo. I was intrigued. So, I decided to whip up some egg yolks and “wash” my hair. I was totally surprised! It actually worked. My hair felt amazing at the roots. It looked normal. So, what did I do? I tackled my ends. They probably need to be cut but I am cheap so I am waiting until my mom comes to visit on Sunday and get her to cut it for me…sorry hubby…don’t trust ya! My ends are still dry because my hair hasn’t been trimmed in over a year, yikes. So I slather on the coconut oil. It totally makes my ends greasy and stringy but I am not leaving the house today so who cares! My three year old just thinks my hair smells amazing and loves that it is super shiny. Why can’t we all think like that! I will leave this on to sink in as long as I can…hopefully tomorrow afternoon. Then I am going to try my next experiment.

I read somewhere that I should be using distilled water or boiling water and adding the BS while boiling, then waiting till it cools. I am not really interested in having to buy water just to wash my hair but since I already have distilled water at home to fill our humidor, I will give that a shot first. Then, I will try the boiling water to compare. Since I am only ‘washing’ twice a week this will take another week of experimenting, but I will post back to you!

I also read about combing it when vinegar is on in the shower to reduce the sebum but I still don’t have a comb, so maybe the next Saturday. I don’t want to combine doing two new things at once because then I don’t know what it was that helps my hair.

Here is the egg shampoo recipe:

  • 2 egg yolks
  • 2 tsp white vinegar (it cuts minerals better than ACV)

Mix together with a fork. Add a bit of water if needed to make it runny. Pour over scalp and ‘shampoo’ in. Let it sit for a minute or two to absorb oils. Rinse out with cool water very thoroughly. Don’t use warm or hot water or you will cook the egg into your hair.

Thanks to The Eco cat lady and to Babs where I got a lot of my information from.




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