Just another reason to buy local, grass fed beef.

So, today I stumbled upon yet another reason to keep buying and supporting your local, grass fed cattle farmer. If people understood that it requires a lot of resources to raise an animal just to kill and eat it, they would understand why good quality meat is so expensive. I understand that not everyone can afford it, but if you knew that the current meats you are eating are actually poisoning your body, wouldn’t you sacrifice and do something to find the money to keep your family healthy. When we need to cut our budget, we buy more regular ground beef from our local grass fed farmer for $5.50/lb. One pound feeds our family for a lunch or supper…and there is so much you can do with a lb of beef! The meat and fat from grass fed meat also contains so many nutrients that our bodies need to heal and function properly. Why would you sacrifice your health and the contribute to unsafe practices for raising animals, not to mention the affect it has on our environment.

Anyways, please read…because once the more you know…well, the more you know! At least when you go to Wal-Mart, you can consciously choose to buy meat that could make you sick rather than heal. As a side note, did you know it only take a cow 5 days pastured on only grass to naturally rid their own body of all E.Coli! But instead the big plants continue to feed the cows corn and treat the meat with ammonia and ammonia hydroxide to kill the bacteria. None of that makes sense to me…and this meat is what makes up a most of the hamburgers in the US and I am sure Canada! Please watch the movie, Food Inc. if you want more information or to open your eyes about where you are getting the food to keep you alive!

Why beef is becoming more like chicken


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