How crunchy can I get?

I never thought I would one day make my own deodorant. I have always been the girl who played sports and sweat like the boys. For as long as I can remember slathering stuff on my pitts, I’ve bought as strong of an anti-perspiring agents as I could….even the over the counter, really bad for you stuff. As I grew up I began to hear about how bad aluminum was but not until I was pregnant did I give it too much of a thought. Since then it has been on my mind…every day for four years! Until now. I am comfortable with myself enough to say that I would take the risk and on my cleaning spree when I tossed most of our household products I threw it away too. I knew that I needed to or I wouldn’t look further.

So, the next day I was off to find a natural, good for you deodorant. I searched the amazing “less toxins” website for references and found one that had good reviews and sleeper awesome, in the bottle. After four days of constantly smelling a strange mix of my own body odor and weird deodorant smell and probably some funky reaction the two were having, I figured there had to be a better way.

Back to baking soda I go. I found an amazing recipe, and lots of background info for those just learning the hazards, from my merry messy life and had everything in my kitchen. It was so easy and the mix of coconut oil and tea tree is a nice clean smell….my variation, I made a smaller batch and only use tea tree oil. I was hesitant, but after almost two weeks of using it, I have to say that I no longer sweat nearly as much (maybe my sweat glands were over producing too) and there is no funky smell…believe me, I have asked my sister in law and husband every chance I get.

Here is what I smashed together…actually my daughter did it for me with a fork. She loves experiments!

1/8 c baking soda
1/8 c cornstarch or arrowroot starch
2 T coconut oil
4 drops tea tree…although who’s counting when you’re three!

Mix it together and scoop it into a container. I had an old sampler size body shop scrub jar and it filled it perfect. Just scoop a bit onto finger and rub on underarm. It takes a few seconds for the oil to melt. This will last quite a while I imagine as I have barely used any in two weeks and to think it cost me less than a dollar! Awesome!


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